About Us

Our mission

NovaGray mission is to contribute to the personalized management of patients with breast and prostate cancer.

The innovations developed by NovaGray aim at:

  • reassuring the patient before radiotherapy initiation
  • guiding physicians in selecting the most appropriate treatment plan
  • adapting the patient’s follow-up after radiotherapy


Clemence Franc (Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder)

Clemence holds an engineering degree from ESTP Paris and an entrepreneurship degree from HEC Paris. She has brought together a world-class team to help her realize her vision of personalized medicine. Clemence was named as Top 10 French Innovator Under 35 by MIT Technological Review in 2017.


David Azria is professor in radiation oncology at the School of Medicine of Montpellier and has a PhD in radiobiology. He is the head of the radiation oncology Department of the Montpellier Cancer Institute (ICM) and the INSERM team U1194, and is a lead contributor in many French and international institutional clinical trials. David has more than 220 publications referenced in PubMed and has been the invited speaker at 40 conferences on radiation oncology and radiobiology. David received the Translational Science Abstract Award at the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) Annual Meeting in October 2015. Since 2022, David is President of the French Society of Radiation Oncology (SFRO).


Muriel Brengues is an expert in ionizing radiation. She has a PhD in Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology, a Master in Biology and Health, and a Bachelor Degree in Biochemistry. She currently works in David Azria ́s research team, and previously worked in the USA, at the Applied NanoBioscience Center and Medicine Department and the Molecular and Cellular Department of the University of Arizona, for 10 years. Before moving to the USA, she was a researcher at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) in France for 6 years.